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EVE Online Fitting: Orca, Solo Drone Miner Highest Yield ... This is the flagship configuration for Orca drone mining. This requires the highest skills and will get you the highest yields of both Ore and Ice. Readout ICs for High Spatial Resolution Slot-Scan Imaging ... Readout ICs for High Spatial Resolution Slot-Scan Imaging with CZT or CdTe Pixel Arrays Tümay O. Tümer, Member, IEEE, Victoria B. Cajipe, M. Albert Capote, Guilherme Cardoso, Martin Clajus, Satoshi Hayakawa, Michael Lee and Alexander Volkovskii Abstract–We have developed a new version of the MARY high resolution scanner | eBay Find great deals on eBay for high resolution scanner. Shop with confidence. ... 2 product ratings - High Resolution Digital Photo 35mm Slide Film Scan 22 Mp 110 135 ...

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Electronic warfare - UniWiki And, importantly, most of the Caldari ECM ships listed above are not bonused for Burst Jammers, only for targeted ECM; the Scorpion is the only ship in EVE that receives a Burst Jammer bonus (to range). Patch notes for Kronos | EVE Online Slot layout: 3H(-1), 4M, 3L(+1); 2 turrets, 0 launchers Fittings: 44 PWG(-14), 170 CPU(-5) Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 650(+41) / 550(+6) / 540(+23) Capacitor (amount / recharge / cap per second) : 450(+15) / 210000 (-24375) / 2.14 …

Image: Description: A neural interface upgrade that boosts the pilot's skill at operating targeting systems. 5% bonus to ships scan resolution.

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You also have the low slot Signal Amplifiers I have already mentioned for increasing Scan Resolution and max targets, a mid-slot CapacitorThe remote sensor dampener cuts the targets lock range and scan resolution by 55% and has a 75km optimal and 150km falloff. I guess you might use it to force...

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Combat Ceptors need a bit of a Buff - PvP Ships & Modules - EVE Since combat ceptors lost the bubble immunity, they’re now relegated to being expensive and usually worse alternative to their T1 frig alternative serving very little benefit, they have same or worse tank and usually wor… Coming This Winter: Frigate Logistics and (another) BIG Profit According to a new Dev Post on the EVE Online Forums CCP will be changing the now useless Mining Frigates to Logistics Frigates. This is very exciting